Founded back in 1987, Truman Electronics is today one of the largest leading companies of household appliances, electronics, and security systems in Egypt. Since initiation, the company has sought to play a developmental role towards serving the Egyptian society and economy. In efforts to realize this vision, Truman relies on the philosophy of excellence in providing high-quality end products at competitive prices, thus giving back to the community and constantly meeting the customers’ expectations and needs.

Through the headquarters in Downtown Cairo and with decades of experience, Truman Electronics was able to establish a firm leading position in the receivers and satellite systems market via the integration of highly advanced German technology. Moreover, it has worked on shaping and developing the satellite systems industry, which placed it amongst the top players in that field. In line with the massive growth spur, the company was also able to diversify its product portfolio with a broad spectrum of newly launched products including home appliances, surveillance systems, air conditioners, and televisions catering for the Egyptian market needs.

Truman Electronics owns a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with production lines that employ the latest advancements in technology, presenting top-notch products to end customers. Truman electronics was also able to develop an extensive branch network that allows it to spread its products across the various governorates of Egypt. Furthermore, the company owns a large distribution fleet that extends across the nation, providing swift delivery as well as maintenance services. As for the after-sales service, the company does its best to ultimately satisfy its customers through its service centers which are managed and operated by a team of experienced engineers and technicians.

Through its office in Dubai, UAE, the company was able to penetrate regional and global markets by acting as an export hub to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in addition to Russia. It is also important to stress that the company’s achievements were only possible through the backing up of a long list of successful and loyal suppliers and partners who have grew and worked with the company since day one and up until today. Truman has played a pivotal role in building and maintaining these long-term bonds that are rooted in trust, respect, and serving interests, in addition to appreciating the gains and success these years have fruited.

Despite the turbulent global economic conditions that have affected the majority of the world’s countries, companies and levels of employment, the number of Truman’s employees did not decrease. On the contrary, the company created hundreds of more jobs and invested in its best team members. Furthermore, Truman plans to grow its team as a result of the heavy expansion in its production levels and its goals to serve every customer on the globe.

Through having presence in tons of outlets, every day, Truman remains to provide its customers with high-quality products at low prices, seeking to exceed their expectations and secure their trust as loyalty and giving back to the community is instilled in its core. Finally, Truman aspires to become a global leader in the world of innovation and take part in the upcoming era of the Internet of Things.